Little Rosary Connemara Marble
Little Rosary Connemara Marble

Little Rosary Connemara Marble

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This Rosary is a replica of the Single-decade Rosary used in Ireland in Penal days. Each bead is made of genuine Connemara Marble found only in the West of Ireland. 

“An Paidrin Beag” translates from Irish to the “Little Rosary” . This is a single decade, handmade Irish rosary with Connemara marble beads. The piece is a replica of the kind used in Ireland during the Penal days when the Catholic faith was outlawed. The Connemara marble rosary is 10″ long with a silver tone Celtic cross crucifix along with metal links and keyring. The little Irish Rosary is gift boxed with the “An Paidrin Beag” history card. Take the comfort and reassurance of your Rosary with you where ever you may go.

Method of saying:  Place the ring on the thumb and commence the recitation of the Rosary in the normal way. On completing the first decade move ring to first finger and so on for each decade