First Holy Communion Card Keepsake Girl

First Holy Communion Card Keepsake Girl

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A beautiful handcrafted First Holy Communion Card with Silver Foil Stamping
with 4 Page Coloured Insert. Singly Wrapped with an envelope. The front cover of the First Holy Communion Card shows an image of a bible and rosary beads with a pink tone. 

The left hand side once opened reads" God made the sun that shines above and the earth, and seas, and skies. God Made you, and watches over you with very loving eyes. God blessed the sun and all the world, the seas and skies of blue, but most of all, on this happy day may God bless you" 

The right hand side has space for the child name, the date, the name of the Church and the Celebrant. It is a real keepsake celebrating the very special sacrament of First Holy Communion . 

Please note this is not a Mass Card.

Height  19cm

Width 17cm