Christmas Mass Bouquet C17
Christmas Mass Bouquet C17

Christmas Mass Bouquet C17

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In Roman Catholic tradition, families enrol the names of their loved ones to be remembered at a Mass on a given day to mark significant moments in life. In Whitefriar Street Church, Mass is offered each week for those whose names are enrolled in the Share Mass Intentions Book. These names are included in the weekly Share Mass for a year from the date of enrolment.

On the front of this Christmas Mass Bouquet card are images of a Christmas Scene. 

When the Christmas Mass card is opened out, on the left hand page are the words ‘For your happiness at Christmas and that God may bless and Protect you throughout the coming year,  I have arranged that [recipient’s name] will share in the special  Masses and daily  prayer of the Carmelites at Whitefriar Street, Dublin.  The card is signed by the Prior of Whitefriar Street Church.

On the right hand page it reads: ‘A Christmas Mass Bouquet - " A choral verse is written inside each card . 

This Christmas Mass Bouquet card is produced in Ireland and comes with a white envelope.

Please note: The price given is for the cost of the card and a donation towards enrolment for one year in the Share Masses offered in Whitefriar Street Church. The picture on the card may vary slightly from that shown but is representative of the style.

Orders received after 3pm December 17th may be too late for Christmas delivery. Click and collect is available up to December 23rd.


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