Angel Bookmark Strength
Angel Bookmark Strength

Angel Bookmark Strength

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The Angel Bookmarks - words that care - are by the author Linda Minto. Each Angel card has a number of unique verses written by Linda and they aim to comfort, inspire and support the person who receives them. They are a constant reminder to the reader of both the person who has gifted the Angel  bookmark and the power and support that they offer.

I'm your little Angel
Sent from God above
He said you're feeling sad today
So he sent me with his love.
Keep me close beside you
Hold me to you tight
I'll be your strength, I'll help you cope
I'll make it all alright.
If today is tough & you're feeling down
Be sure I'll understand
But someday soon, this soon shall pass
'Til then I'll hold your hand.
I'm your little Angel
Your guide, your shining light
My job is just to mind you
I'm with you day and night.