Angel Bookmark Mothers
Angel Bookmark Mothers

Angel Bookmark Mothers

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The Angel Bookmarks - words that care - are by the author Linda Minto. Each Angel card has a number of unique verses written by Linda and they aim to comfort, inspire and support the person who receives them. They are a constant reminder to the reader of both the person who has gifted the Angel  bookmark and the power and support that they offer.

You are  very special to me
You're the one who dried my tears
And helped with all my problems
Throughout my growing years.
You've held my hand so very long
You're always there for me
And when I've picked the wrong paths
You've always let me be.
So I'm sending you an Angel
To Love and care for your
And to mind you as you go through life
In everything you do.
This Angel will protect you
It will mind you like no other
For it's made in the very likeness
Of my own very special mother.