Angel Bookmark Hope
Angel Bookmark Hope

Angel Bookmark Hope

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The Angel Bookmarks - words that care - are by the author Linda Minto. Each Angel card has a number of unique verses written by Linda and they aim to comfort, inspire and support the person who receives them. They are a constant reminder to the reader of both the person who has gifted the Angel  bookmark and the power and support that they offer.


In these times of turbulence
And you need someone to care
Talk to God, tell him your woes
And He'll promise to be there.
You're not alone, you never are
God would never let that be
These testing times - they too will pass
This you will one day see.
So look for things around you
That bring you joy and love
Embrace the goodness in your life
With help from God above.
And when dark days are over
And you know you have come through
You'll know that in these testing times
God's always been with you.