Angel Bookmark Healing
Angel Bookmark Healing

Angel Bookmark Healing

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The Angel Bookmarks - words that care - are by the author Linda Minto. Each Angel card has a number of unique verses written by Linda and they aim to comfort, inspire and support the person who receives them. They are a constant reminder to the reader of both the person who has gifted the Angel  bookmark and the power and support that they offer.

I'm your little Angel
Sent from God above
and to send you all his love.
I know the pain you're going through
And I'm right here by your side
To comfort you and hold you close
Together we'll get by.

I'll hold your hand, I'll be your strength
I'll hear your prayers at night
I'll dry your tears, I'll take your pain 
Together we'll be alright.
So keep me with you always
Hold me close and near
And when you feel you need some help
I'm always, always here